Cooperstown Kurt

“Cooperstown” Kurt Larson is an award-winning writer and director originally hailing from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. His work, both in visual and written form, has garnered him acclaim throughout the internet, and he considers his feature film directorial debut Son of Ghostman winning the 2010 Rondo Hatton Award for Best Independent Film to be a highlight.

In addition to This Week In MLB The Show, he regularly hosts the podcasts Stay Cool, Geek and Those Are Daddy’s Toys, as well as the currently dormant Bad Headshots.

As far as the game goes- he hates bunt cheese, hates Carter Capps, and loathes the Cardinals.

A loyal Cubs fan, Kurt would like Ramone and the devs to please incorporate more Cubs legends into the game, specifically KERRY WOOD.

Kurt plays the game with honesty, respect, and dignity. He does not condone the commentary of his broadcast partner, The Weasel, though he does find it entertaining.

You can learn more about Kurt at his website

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