brian the weasel

Brian "The Weasel" Trifilio hails from the Southwestern part of Chicago, studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and brought his talents to the sunny beaches of Hollywood, California. Since then, he's produced for Funny or Die,, contributes to the Stay Cool Geek podcast and authored a book.

His love for video games dates back to "SNK baseball All Stars" on the original NES. Since then, it has grown to all types of games such as FPS, strategy and of course... sports.

As a gamer, he finds a small distaste for the nickname The Weasel... He feels that games are designed to accommodate many play styles and his style is to WIN BABY. If that means exploiting parts of the game to get an advantage? So be it, as long as it's IN the game.

He challenges you to ask yourself the following questions...

Do you think Lex Luthor sees himself as a "Weasel" or simply Superman's greatest foe?

Do you think Bill Belichick sees himself as a "Weasel" and hence, should give back his Super Bowl rings?

Do You think Jose Canseco sees himself as a "Weasel", and therefore,  should give back his MVP in 1988?

NO. The answer is no. They're simply smarter.

"if its broke. Then why dont YOU fix it? "

PSN User Name: WeaselatTWIMTHS

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